There are so many characteristics of Chinese lamp. How many can you say?

2020-03-04 21

&The new Chinese lamps are characterized by harmony. If the Chinese lamps are mountains, they embody a kind of supremacy. Then the new Chinese lamps are the sea, which embodies the harmony of inclusiveness and integration. The harmony of the new water lamps is reflected in the expression of life style and the master's emotion. The young advocate fashion, but the old pursue classicality.

&In the family of three generations, what kind of lighting can give consideration to everyone's feelings? Only the new Chinese style! The new Chinese style lamp enriches the design of traditional lamps, integrates modern elements, and makes the lines more round and smooth. Chinese lamps and lanterns pay attention to carving, painting and elegant modeling. Each product can make people miss the past and yearn for the future. Western scholars say that "without Chinese elements, there is no noble spirit"


&Chinese style lamps with ancient fragrance and color are close to nature, simple and friendly, but rich in connotation. Chinese style elements are added to make the overall space feel more abundant, big but not empty, thick but not heavy, with style and not depressing. The simple, fashionable, noble and luxurious Chinese lamp can create a warm, retro and antique atmosphere for the space. Chinese lamps and lanterns have many remarkable characteristics, which make people like them.

&There are some differences between the new Chinese lamp and the traditional lamp in design. The new Chinese lamp pays more attention to the beauty of line and arc, which is simple and generous, simple but not simple. The appearance of Chinese style lamps is mainly brown, reddish brown and other heavy colors. The new Chinese style is more wood, bronze and steel, which simply outlines the overall simple framework of the lamp body. In addition to wood, the material is also integrated with new elements such as metal, glass, bamboo, rattan, etc., which perfectly blends the charm of traditional Chinese culture with modern factors with a strong sense of design.

    Chinese lighting is mainly made of solid wood, which is simple and elegant when matched with the lampshade made of marble, glass, sheepskin, cloth and other materials; Chinese lighting has a multi symmetrical structure, influenced by the moderation, balance and symmetry, and the lamps are mostly symmetrical left and right, which reflects the balance beauty in ancient Chinese art; Chinese lighting mostly takes the color with strong contrast as the contrast color, which is bright and fresh It's an idyllic feeling.

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