vision: By customers like lighting enterprises 
· soko will develop the company's business with a long-term vision, integrity and responsibility, and the concept of common growth.Develop harmoniously with the community of relevant interests of the company, and take pride and pursuit in being respected by customers, employees, shareholders, partners and the society. 
· adhere to the concept of "customer first", start from creating user value and social value, so as to improve enterprise value and promote the prosperity of social civilization; 
· pay attention to the interests of employees, stimulate their potential, and pursue the realization of employee value on the premise of maximizing enterprise value; 
· through mature and effective marketing and management mechanisms, the company can achieve healthy and sustained profit growth and provide shareholders with rich returns; 
· grow with all partners and share the value of growth; 
· don't forget to care for the society, give back to the society, lead by example, and promote the healthy development of the lighting industry.

mission: Improve the quality of human life through Internet services 

· soko provides users with reliable and rich product performance and services with high-quality products and humanized ways; 
· the product performance of soko is like water and electricity, which continuously integrates into people's life world; 
· continuously pay attention to and actively explore new consumer needs and provide innovative products to continuously improve users' life quality; 
· soko makes people's life more convenient and rich, thus promoting the harmonious progress of the society. 

value: Integrity, responsibility, cooperation, innovation 

· conduct morality first, integrity is fundamental; 
·To be fair, just, honest, candid and trustworthy; 
· respect yourself, respect others, respect objective law and company system, so as to love and improve yourself. 

· responsibility is the requirement of good work; 
· constantly pursue professional work style and constantly strengthen professional work quality; 
· have a strong sense of responsibility, outstanding ability to shoulder responsibility, and the character to take responsibility. 

· excellent team can truly achieve personal excellence, and harmonious development with the environment is the foundation for the enterprise to stay green; 
· be proactive and attach importance to overall interests, thus creating excellent team performance; 
· take a long-term view, keep an open mind and keep pursuing excellent cooperation. 

· innovation is not only a working method, but also a life belief; 
· constantly seek for better solutions in terms of methods, methods and contents, strive for perfection, and strive for better results; 
· constantly stimulate individual creativity, improve the innovation mechanism, and promote the continuous growth of the company through comprehensive technological innovation, management innovation and business model innovation. 

bossmanship: Forge ahead and aim high

forge ahead with determination 
· look forward, not only to do, but also to do; 
· perseverance, any difficulties and setbacks can not stop the will of soko indomitable; 
· brave in change, good at change, and strive for survival and development through change; 

· cultivate and improve learning ability, be good at learning and keep learning.

Aim high

· constantly win in market competition, surpass oneself in introspection, surpass mediocrity in learning and make continuous progress;

· experience the happiness of success after achieving the goal, and the joy of struggle in the pursuit.

Business philosophy: all based on customer value,

Develop active lighting platform

Everything depends on customer value

· adhering to the concept of "customer first", creating value for users and safeguarding the legitimate interests of customers are the business priorities;

· keep sensitive to users' needs, attach importance to users' consumption experience, and exceed customers' expectations with appropriate service level;

· focus on cultivating customer satisfaction and loyalty, and constantly improve the service level of communication with customers;

Develop active lighting platform

· build business structure and product portfolio with the "one household one percent" as the core of instant access portal website, give consideration to technology development, profit acquisition and competitive advantages, and effectively support the steady development of the company;

· all products and services of the company should establish the concept of healthy society, shoulder the responsibility of cultivating the order of sound development of the industry, and the rules of industry operation to effectively promote the progress of social civilization;

· maintain a high sense of crisis, accurately grasp market opportunities and effectively reduce business risks;

· maintain the technical vitality, competitive vitality and growth vitality of the company with a good mechanism and system.

Management philosophy: care for employee growth, strengthen executive ability,

The pursuit of efficient harmony, balanced incentive constraints

Care about employee growth:

· attach importance to the interests and expertise of employees, and promote the personal career development of employees with good working conditions, sound employee training plans and career channel design;

· attach importance to corporate culture management, promote the continuous improvement of employee satisfaction through healthy and simple interpersonal relationship, serious and lively working atmosphere, and smooth and transparent communication, so as to keep employees happy to grow in step with the enterprise;

· inspire employees' potential and pursue the common growth of individuals and the company.As an individual to have the consciousness of paying first, willing to contribute wisdom and diligence for the team, with excellent team achievement of personal excellence.

Strengthen executive ability:

· no matter how good the research plan is, no good execution will become empty talk.Strong execution is one of the core principles of soko management;

· good execution depends on excellent mechanism, standard system, sincere cooperation, effective incentive and moving example, but importantly, depends on the love for the company and the responsible spirit of each soko person;

· decisions can be made and then actions can be taken; conclusions should be made and execution should be improved.

Pursue efficient harmony:

· due to the expansion of the company, a standardized and efficient management mechanism must be formed to maintain a high operating efficiency of the company's system;

· optimize the management of the company dynamically according to the company's development stage and business changes, and form a harmonious and orderly internal environment;

· adhere to the principle of results-oriented management in an efficient and harmonious environment, and effectively support the realization of the company's business objectives.

Balanced incentive constraint:

· develop a differentiated incentive mechanism according to the value of work contributions and results, and effectively stimulate employees' subjective initiative and creativity;

· strengthen the effective implementation of the system and form an invisible but effective internal constraint mechanism on the basis of vigorously promoting employees to understand and understand the system;

· emphasize the combination of incentives and constraints to maintain balance and provide a strong guarantee for the realization of internal management.