What are the characteristics of sheepskin lamp that attract you

2020-03-04 28

Sheepskin lamp is a new type, with a texture similar to goose hair. It is very bright and dazzling. The imported sheepskin has smooth touch and good light transmittance. With reasonable and harmonious light source, yellow light is pleasant to the eye, white light is hazy and warm. Yellow and white, create a unique and beautiful lighting atmosphere.

&The sheepskin lamp is mainly made of solid wood, and the lampshade made of marble, glass, sheepskin, fabric and other materials is simple and elegant. The sheepskin lamp has many symmetrical structures. Influenced by the mean, balance and symmetry, the lamps are mostly symmetrical left and right, reflecting the balance beauty in ancient Chinese art.

&The sheepskin lamp takes the color with strong contrast as contrast color. The color is bright and fresh, which gives people a kind of rural feeling. The sheepskin lamp light is mostly soft warm color light. What are the characteristics of Chinese lamp that give people a warm and comfortable feeling? The patterns of sheepskin lamp include dragon, Phoenix, flowers and grass, ancient people, etc.


&New Chinese style lamps and lanterns are a popular trend in the home furnishing market at present. They not only keep the connotation of traditional Chinese culture, but also have a distinct sense of the times. They break through the common disadvantages of the traditional Chinese style, such as steadiness and lack of liveliness. Although the new Chinese style lamps and lanterns are constantly seeking innovation, and the Chinese companies are also constantly seeking innovation in design style, the colorful and profound traditional auspicious patterns, as one of the essence of traditional Chinese furniture, are still inherited by the new Chinese style lamps and lanterns. At the same time, the new Chinese style is also integrating with the new Chinese lamps.

&As the finishing touch in the style of home decoration, lamps and lanterns should have a certain proportion to the overall home area. According to the height of the floor, it is necessary to determine whether the new Chinese chandelier is suitable or the new Chinese ceiling lamp is suitable. For example, some large reception halls mainly use mixed cloth lamps, which are luxurious and delicate. For the lamps like the foyer and corridor, it is necessary to choose smaller ones, which are not noisy and take over the host.

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