Chinese lighting is a Chinese style lamp

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Chinese lighting is a Chinese style lamp. Chinese style lamps have strong Chinese charm. Chinese style marble lamp is one of them, which is a combination of Chinese and western. Chinese lighting inherits Chinese culture, uses foreign things for Chinese purposes, makes the past serve the present, absorbs the strengths of all, and advances with the times. Chinese style lighting emphasizes the classic Chinese five thousand year cultural origin, the luxurious product quality and the yearning for a happy and happy life. It has elegant artistic taste and profound cultural heritage.

Characteristics of Chinese lighting

1. Chinese style lighting is mainly made of solid wood, and the lampshade made of marble, glass, sheepskin and fabric is simple and elegant;

2. Influenced by the moderation, balance and symmetry, the lamps are mostly symmetrical, reflecting the beauty of balance in ancient Chinese art;

3. The Chinese style lighting mostly takes the color with strong contrast as the contrast color, the color is bright and fresh, giving a kind of rural feeling;

4. Chinese lighting is mostly soft warm color light, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling;

5. Chinese lighting patterns include dragon, Phoenix, great wall and so on.

Key points of Chinese lamp design

Chinese style lamps pay attention to carving, painting and elegant modeling. Each product can make people miss the past and yearn for the future. Western scholars say that "without Chinese elements, there will be no noble spirit".

Chinese style elements are added to the lamps to make the overall space feel more abundant, large but not empty, thick but not heavy, with style and not depressing. The simple, fashionable, noble and luxurious Chinese lamp can create a warm, retro and antique atmosphere for the space.


Six categories of traditional Chinese lighting

1. Chandelier

High grade decorative lighting lamp hoisted on the indoor ceiling. No matter the chandelier is hung by wire or iron, it can't be hung too low, which hinders people's normal sight or makes people feel dazzling. Take the chandelier in the dining room as an example. The ideal height is to form a pool of lights on the dining table, but it will not hinder the sight line of people looking at each other on the table. At present, a spring or a height adjuster has been installed on the hanging bracket of the chandelier, which can meet the needs of the floor at different heights.

2. lamp

Desk lamp, a kind of lamp, is convenient to carry. The appliance is mainly placed on the desk or dining table for lighting. The illumination range of the desk lamp is relatively small and concentrated, so it will not affect the light of the whole room. Its function is limited around the desk lamp, which is convenient for reading, learning and energy saving. The lamp has far exceeded the value of the lamp itself, and it has become a rare work of art. Under the concept of light decoration and heavy decoration, the decorative function of desk lamp is more obvious.

3. wall lamp

Walllamp is an auxiliary lighting decorative lamp installed on the indoor wall, which is usually equipped with milky white glass lampshade. The power of the bulb is mostly about 15-40 watts, the light is elegant and harmonious, and the environment can be decorated with elegance and richness, especially suitable for the newly married room. There are many kinds and styles of wall lamp, such as ceiling lamp, color changing wall lamp, bedside wall lamp, mirror front wall lamp, etc.

4. ceiling lamp

Ceiling lamp is a kind of lamp. As the name implies, it is called ceiling lamp because the upper part of the lamp is flat and the bottom is completely pasted on the roof during installation. Light sources include ordinary white bulb, fluorescent lamp, high-intensity gas discharge lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, led, etc. At present, the most popular ceiling lamp in the market is led ceiling lamp, which is often used in families, offices, entertainment places and other places.

5. floor lamp

Floor lamp: English Name: floorlamp! It is usually divided into top lighting type and direct lighting type. Generally, it is arranged in the living room and rest area, used in combination with sofa and tea table to meet the needs of local lighting and decoration of the room. Nowadays, in some modern minimalism home design, the fashionable and unique shape and convenient use make the public more and more popular. This kind of lamp is widely used.

6. accessories

Ornaments are used for decoration. They are generally used to beautify lighting instruments, decorate rooms and beautify the appearance of lighting.

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