Is there a lamp that you can't let go by its connotation?

2020-03-04 23

Will there be a kind of lamp in the vast sea of lights that make you deeply fascinated and nostalgic? Will there be a lamp that you can't let go because of its connotation? I think Chinese lamp can do this. Chinese style lamp, commonly known as sheepskin lamp, is a design based on ancient Chinese traditional cultural elements. It has the deep connotation of Chinese style, and is favored by many clubs, teahouses, hotels, even home furnishings and other consumers who pursue elegant sentiment.

With the national emphasis on education and the improvement of China's overall cultural level, many consumers' demand for culture has also increased, and the market prospect is good. However, due to the uneven quality of the manufacturers and the severe imitation, the whole market is in confusion. In this way, we need to find a new way, more strict requirements for products, pay attention to originality and quality, because only when you bring forth the old and bring forth the new, integrate into the ancient Chinese cultural elements and combine with the pace of the times, adhere to your own cultural style, maintain the cultural and artistic quality of products, can Chinese lamps be active in the harsh market environment, and can enterprises last for a long time.


The so-called Chinese lamp is actually a Chinese style lamp. Chinese lamps and lanterns have strong Chinese charm, inherit Chinese culture, make foreign products for Chinese use, make the past serve the present, draw on the strengths of all, keep pace with the times, emphasize the classic five thousand year cultural origin of China, the noble product quality and the yearning for a happy and happy life, with elegant artistic taste and profound cultural heritage. Its material is mainly wood, which stresses carving, painting and elegant modeling. It mostly uses high-grade hardwood such as sour branch wood or big leaf sandalwood, and each product can make people miss the past and yearn for the future. Western scholars say that "without Chinese elements, there will be no noble spirit". Chinese style lamps with ancient flavor and color are close to nature, simple and kind, simple but rich in connotation. Chinese style elements are added to make the overall space feel more abundant, big but not empty, thick but not heavy, with style and not depressing. Simple and fashionable, noble and luxurious Chinese lamp, Chinese lamp can be divided into several categories? More can create a kind of warm retro, antique atmosphere for the space Chinese lamp can be divided into six kinds: Chinese chandelier, Chinese table lamp, Chinese wall lamp, Chinese ceiling lamp, Chinese floor lamp. Each kind of lamp has its own unique style.

After purchasing the Chinese table lamp, the chain can not be dropped in the use process. The wrong use will shorten the service life of the table lamp. Then, one of the precautions for the use of the Chinese table lamp is to read the manual carefully

Read the instruction manual before installation. Pay special attention to the current and voltage. Some precautions in the manual shall be strictly observed during installation and use, so that the service life of the new Chinese lamps will be greatly extended.

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