A new Chinese lamp reflecting Chinese traditional culture

2020-03-04 23

The new Chinese style with implicit beauty as its main feature was born in the new era of the rejuvenation of Chinese traditional culture. The Chinese lamp style expresses the pursuit of the Oriental spiritual realm of elegance, implicit and dignified. It combines modern elements with traditional elements. Ming and Qing furniture, window lattice and cloth bed products reflect each other. It creates things with traditional charm based on the aesthetic needs of modern people, so that traditional art can be properly reflected in today's society.

Mortise and tenon is a language with scientific design significance in Chinese architecture. In the development history of our national civilization, it is like the invention of Chinese characters with a long history and its own system. The law of furniture development inherits the principle of wood structure of traditional architecture. Perplexing the traditional architecture is the incomparable and complicated tenon and arch design. At the same time, the design structure of the new Chinese style lamps and lanterns vaguely follows the principle. Each iron tube is connected into a whole through fitting. Have you noticed carefully?


Chinese people pay attention to rules and regulations, symmetry and the concept of balance between yin and Yang. The new Chinese style lamps also pursue the law of symmetrical beautiful lines in design and collocation.

For the new Chinese style, in fact, the dark color may not be the only choice, or you can choose to use white as the main tone, choose the beige floor tiles with white walls, and hang a picture on the wall. Yuanhe believes that in fact, the combination of the floor and light color walls of the log color system is also to increase the sense of mystery, and the new Chinese style pays great attention to the sense of spatial hierarchy, so sometimes the combination of colors can also create this sense of hierarchy.

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