Development prospect of sheepskin lamp

2020-03-04 34

All kinds of new lamps and lanterns decorate people's rooms with beauty, elegance and comfort. And sheepskin lamps are becoming more and more common people

The new darling of home. Sales of sheepskin lamps have been on the rise. The manufacturing inspiration of sheepskin lamp comes from the principle of ancient lamps. In ancient times, people on the grassland used the thin sheepskin with good light transmittance to wrap the oil lamp in order to prevent wind and rain. Those manufacturers use advanced manufacturing technology to make sheepskin into various shapes to meet the needs of consumers with different preferences. The main features of sheepskin lamp are soft light and warm color. It can bring warm feeling to people when installed at home. Sheepskin lamps on the market are mainly round and square. Most of the round sheepskin lamps are decorative lamps, which make the finishing touch at home; most of the square sheepskin lamps are ceiling lamps, with various fences and figures around, simple and strong, simple and generous. Although it is called sheepskin lamp, there are not many lamps made of sheepskin in the market. Most of them are made of sheepskin paper with the same texture as sheepskin. Because of the plasticity of parchment, manufacturers can make many unique parchment lamps. Such as sail type chandelier, palace lamp type wall lamp, etc., are very popular in the market.


Another reason why sheepskin lamps are popular is that the lamps in sheepskin lamps are energy-saving lamps, which are fashionable and energy-saving. Such lamps are naturally very marketable. "There's nothing more desirable than a night at home looking at the lights." The known lamp, or all illuminants, have four indicators: luminous flux, illuminance, color temperature and color rendering. Everything in the room is affected by the light. In home application, the layout of lighting can be roughly divided into environmental lighting, local lighting, functional lighting and decorative lighting.

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