What are the characteristics of Chinese lamps

2020-03-04 25

Many people prefer Chinese style when they decorate. It is classical and elegant. In Chinese style, lamps and lanterns are indispensable decorations. Chinese style lamps have a long history. With the continuous improvement of production technology, many Chinese style lamps are now integrated with some elements of modern art, and their beautiful appearance attracts the attention of many consumers. What are the characteristics of Chinese lamps and lanterns? Let's take this question with us, let's understand the characteristics of Chinese lamps and lanterns together!

Generally speaking, solid wood or other wood is often used as the main material when making lamps of this style, which can highlight the simple and natural feeling of Chinese style. The decoration of Chinese lamps and lanterns is mainly hollow or carved wood, quiet and simple. In addition to direct carving, we can also match some other materials to make external lampshade, such as glass, sheepskin, fabric, etc., which can fully show the simplicity and elegance of Chinese lamps.


In Chinese style decoration, no matter the design of ceiling, furniture, etc., all pay attention to a symmetry, so does the lighting. This is influenced by the traditional mean, balance and symmetry in ancient China, so the shape of Chinese lamps and lanterns is mainly in the form of symmetry, such as square, circle, polygon, etc., which are basically symmetrical in the center line anyway. Most of the round lamps are decorative lamps, which make the finishing touch at home; most of the square imitation sheepskin lamps are ceiling lamps, with various fences and figures on the periphery, simple and dignified, simple and generous.

In Chinese style decoration, such as furniture, bed products, etc., they are designed with many Chinese elements, such as ceramics, flowers, characters, etc., which are commonly used Chinese elements. In Chinese style home furnishings, the color of Chinese style lamps is quite bright. There will be a strong color contrast between the light of lamps and Lampshades, which can give us a sense of rustic countryside!

In this kind of style of lamps and lanterns, its shape is mostly hollow or wood carving, so it can appear quiet and simple. Among them, our common imitation sheepskin lamp, with soft light and warm color, can give us a warm and peaceful feeling. Imitation sheepskin lamp is mainly round and square. Hollow decoration can give people a sense of mystery, but also a sense of art.

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